As Marias
This collection "speaks" Portuguese, and its first name is “Maria”. It encapsulates tales about resilient women, with big hips and strong arms. It’s a celebration and a tribute to the Portuguese traditional feminine characters and their personal objects. The very loud colours, call for dances, are inspired in special occasions and big parties of Viana do Castelo, in which girls and women used to wear colourful scarves and all their filigree jewellery together to show their wealth to possible future husbands or to keep their status in society. The enamel is built in layers, one colour on the top of the other, the details applied after the main body, just like the seven skirts dress the fishmongers of Nazaré and the fish scale or tiles facades cover the houses in Porto. The shapes, as the Portuguese cobblestone, have rhythm, patterns and enlarged details, positive and negative spaces. They have ups and downs just like the national song “Fado”. These pieces of jewellery are not simple neither polite, they are grotesque and with open manners, speak their hearts and talk about “Saudade”!