Perfect Bond – Amara & Fábio

Amara contacted Leão because she wanted to evaluate a family jewel and have it transformed into the earrings she would wear on her wedding day.
She also ordered the cufflinks to offer the groom and the wedding rings.

The new pair of earrings, in 19.2kt rose gold, was designed and modelled to be extremely organic, inspired by and perfectly combining with the expression of the lace and tulle of the bride’s dress, with a delicate shine, in the centre, bestowed by diamonds.

For the cufflinks, the bride asked us to design something based on the imagination of travel, for all the incredible memories she shared around the world with Fábio!

Amara’s wedding ring stands out for its diamond setting, half-round profile and polished finish, which combines elegantly with the rounded and also polished ends of Fabio’s wedding ring, matte in the center.

An excellent example that wedding rings don’t have to have the same shape, thickness and finishes for the bride and groom!

Do you also have family jewels that you would like to transform?

Have you ever thought how special it can be to add even more value and memories to an object that has passed through so many generations?

The earrings look amazing on the dress! I loved everything... all the people praise our rings a lot, too. They are beautiful and comfortable to wear! Fábio, who has never worn a ring or wedding ring, always wears his and says he doesn't even feel's already part of him! The perfect union of aesthetics and functionality. Everything was amazing, thank you so much!

Amara e Fábio

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