Pérola de Moledo – Wedding Earrings

Ana asked us to create a pair of earrings that symbolize a family history with a lot of mysticism.
She said that her grandfather, a lover of the sea and Ínsua de Moledo, would have been trapped there during a storm for 11 days!
The emotion of her grandfather’s return and the connection to the place has always been very special.


So that this family bond was maintained and the memory of the grandfather was always present, these unique earrings were created!

On top of the earrings, we placed baroque pearls – unique and singular like each bride, and especially, like this story.

In addition, because these earrings contain Pearls – an organic material that forms both in freshwater and saltwater molluscs – they acquire an even more peculiar meaning because there is a freshwater well located in the sea, between Ínsua and Praia de Moledo.

Thank you for everything! Leão's work was loved by many people. In the Church, the earrings shone like nothing else!

Ana Maria

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