Shape of Water – Birthday Ring

Bold, fluid, organic and feminine!

“The Shape of Water” where life comes from, from the movement of waves and tides, from cycles and Beatriz’s dreams!

“Beatriz celebrates her 20th birthday, now in February. I’ve always wanted to have a big party to celebrate this round date… However, the pandemic changed our plans!
I really wanted to surprise her and make this Birthday special, as she dreamed.
Can you design a unique ring that, on the one hand, represents her birthday and, on the other hand, symbolizes her passion for water and marine animals (like dolphins)?”


To respond to this request, we designed a ring with organic, refined shapes, with a polished finish, reminiscent of a water mirror – Beatriz’s favorite element.

At the center of the ring, surrounded by metal, as if it were a wave, is a natural amethyst – the stone for the month of February.


"I will never forget Beatriz's expression and the meaning of this piece, made exclusively for her. A jewel of immeasurable value. Thank you, dear Maria!"


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