Why partner with us?
We are emotion and creativity present in different fields of action, telling stories and creating memories of people, families and companies.
We operate in exclusivity within the design, that is, our products are unique. Our value lies in betting on original, differentiating solutions and in constant dialogue with the needs of our audience and the market, as well as with current trends.
We relate to our audience in a close and charming way.
We believe that brands are already born to create bonds with people and other companies.

Therefore, we created our partnership policy.

By creating a partnership with LEAO, it means that you will enhance your brand with precious characteristics and image differentials such as exclusivity, creativity, customer service and responsible positioning.

Importance of Partnerships and Common Actions
LEAO considers that the partnerships present countless advantages for all involved:

– Make the services / products of the brands more complete, differentiated and favorable to the needs of the customers
– Increase partners’ visibility and credibility with their audiences;
– Increase the network of contacts and brands’ portfolio;
– Increase the number of sales.


LEAO has been building partnerships throughout its existence, aiming for them to be long-lasting and fruitful.
With the different brands with which it has partnered, several actions have been developed, such as:

– Joint production of relevant digital content, sharing and dissemination, for the promotion of Partners on the various digital platforms;

– Joint participation in exhibitions, fairs and events, with special communication and marketing materials.

– Organization and implementation of campaigns with special seasonal and periodic sets. Creating sets of products from the brands involved, with differentiating and premium elements in relation to those presented by the market, increasing the visibility of the brands with its audiences.

– In the creation of some bespoke pieces for the partner to offer together with its services or for a specific special event that the partner wants to celebrate (company anniversary, special offer for an entity associated with the company or guest, etc.).


 Do you want to partner with us?

Send us an email to with the information below. 

We will return as quickly as possible.

Our analysis assesses the viability of our agenda and suitability for Leão’s strategies and audience.

1- Are you a person or a company?
2 – Do you have an active social media site or platforms? Which ones? Cite number of followers and engagement rate.
3 – What is the event or purpose that you would like to have Leão as a partner?
4 – If applicable, please give us some more details:
Number of guests:
Guest profile:

5 – What are the products or services you need?
6 – What would you like to offer in this partnership?
7 – What will be the benefits of this partnership for our brand?
8 – What are the other brands that will be present at your event?
9 – Share with us more information or observations that you think are relevant about your event / partnership that you want to do with us.

We appreciate your contact and interest in Leão.

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